Weekly Challenge Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to the Blendermania3D Weekly Challenge !

We have set up these weekly contests to encourage you to challenge yourself. The contest is designed for anyone, even if you are just starting out in Blender you can participate. The goal is for you to learn and increase your skill, also it never hurts to win, so come join in!

Times for Weekly Challenges (typical) :

Submission : Monday – Saturday at Midnight (PST)
Voting : 24 hours after submission closed ^, winner decided by public voting

^ May be extended should voting ended in a tie

Prizes :

  • Featured on the top banner at homepage
  • Coupon (also for participants)
  • A certificate

How to Participate :

Upload your render as a REPLY to the current weekly challenge forum post. DO NOT make a new discussion for your submission (again, add it as a REPLY).

Rules for Weekly Challenges :

  • Only 1 (one) submission per user
  • Must be 90% done in Blender
  • Must follow the theme
  • Must be original work that you create yourself
  • 90% works and main focal objects must be created within that week
  • Previously created or 3rd party assets is allowed for certain amount (see previous point)
  • No paid add-ons (only free and/or built-in add-ons allowed)
  • Do not submit entry made entirely just by following a tutorial/course
  • Please refrain from making entries depicting nudity, politics, hate/defamatory, etc.


  • Textures are exempted from rules above and can be used and obtained freely from any source
  • Please provide attribution of 3rd party assets when possible, example : “brick textures from Polyhaven”, “monkey model by Suzzane on Sketchfab (https:\ … )”, etc.

Please follow these rules, they are to keep the contest equal and fair for everyone (might subject to changes as needed), also remember to have fun and enjoy what this community has to offer. Keep on Blending!