Blendermania3D Coupon System

Blendermania3D Coupon System

Participate in any challenge = 1 coupon
Win HOP or WC = 3 coupons
Win Main Contest 1st (3 coupons) 2nd (2 coupons) 3rd (1 coupon)

1 coupon = $.25

  • Coupons get reset every 1st of the year so make sure to use them

Coupons have to be spent in $10 or more amounts

Exchange your coupons for any of the following:

Get any course:

Have the $ equivelent sent to you via Paypal

Get anything on BlenderMarket:

Get anything from Steam:

Get the $ equivelent in an Amazon gift card

Name Coupon Amount
Eladd 9
Phillip 18
dreamingin3d 11
Ed 8
tjjoseph 4
Folivore 5
Jeffafah 4
Menna-eldeeb 13
Eugeo 1
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