Weekly Challenge #206 : "Time Machine"

Hey, Blendermaniacs ! It’s time for our new Weekly Challenge !

Theme : “Time Machine”

Ideas :

  • DeLorean (BTTF), Tardis
  • Strange looking clock/watch
  • Time portal/gate/capsule
  • Magic temporal device/spell
  • etc.

Accepting entries : Starts at 2024-06-11T07:00:00Z ; ends at 2024-06-17T07:00:00Z
NOTE : The date/time above is displayed in your local timezone

Read the Rules & Guidelines (including prizes) HERE.

Please submit your entry to this thread by hitting REPLY at the very bottom.


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The time old argument… Where (Or is it when?) to get he best burgers?

(It the toon crazy DC :wink: )


Dang Shannon was fast on that one lol. And used toon shading I see. Nice one man!

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How many DeLoreans will we get???

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How much time did you say we have?

Voting : WC #206 - Time Machine
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Voting will end at 2024-06-18T07:00:00Z
(might be extended in the event of a tie)

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Congratulations to @fleetingthoughts for winning WC #206 “Time Machine” with 75% of the votes with this awesome render !

( Coupon prizes for participants and winner updated )