Weekly Challenge #203 : "Aquarium"

Hey, Blendermaniacs ! It’s time for our new Weekly Challenge !

Theme : “Aquarium”

Ideas :

  • Shark tank (literal)
  • Sea World
  • Kraken in containment
  • Alien aquarium
  • Undersea diorama in water bowl
  • etc.

Accepting entries : Starts at 2024-05-20T07:00:00Z ; ends at 2024-05-27T07:00:00Z
NOTE : The date/time above is displayed in your local timezone

Read the Rules & Guidelines (including prizes) HERE.

Please submit your entry to this thread by hitting REPLY at the very bottom.



It’s a little silly, and terrible animation, but It’s fish in an “aquarium”. :rofl:


Congratulations to @daveinmn for winning the WC #203 “Aquarium” with this cool animation !

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Haha they look like some floaty toys! Cool animation!

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