Weekly Challenge #5 "Fruit"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “FRUIT”

Starts 3/16/2020 and ends 3/21/20 Midnight PST

Fruit can be a single fruit, a fruit character, fruit pattern pajamas…ANYTHING to do with FRUIT!

Please submit your entry to THIS thread by hitting REPLY at the top right. Comments are welcome!

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Fruit Challenge Artwork…hope you guys like it

Another low poly scene. Something a little different. Cant quite get the composition right but hopefully you get the gist of it?!

That’s awesome @Eladd, i love it!
Love that low poly stuff
I should learn it… Thinking

Right click -> Save as image -> Set as desktop background __

…and here we see clear reason of dinosaur extinction. They became vegans…
Nice work ^^

This is amazing Shubham! Great job on the slime too :slight_smile: Looks good. Agree with Weks, beautiful piece!

ROFL! This is quite comedic. lol! Love this so much for some reason. Like the Trex lying down. Funny pose haha

Just do it! Amazing what you can do with just a cube Wink

For some reason I like low poly scenes but it can be a struggle to make something low poly look good.

Hehe…thought you’d like it! Told you I had an idea. Couldn’t help myself after seeing the T-Rex in the course.

I think I spent more time trying to get the camera angle right than modelling! I really have to learn to setup a bone rig.

Nah, they still like there meat Wink

Anyone can stop for a little relaxation and pre-diner nipples!

Cant help but feel sorry for the little guy. That fruit just going to be out of reach! He climbed the wrong tree!

Is this “half submission” cause banana is eaten? Nvm.

wow! Love the feel of this image. I get the impression that this is the intro to a full length animation movie! Super cool

Very dark, one step in the wrong direction and that Banana skins gonna get it. That’s some heavy duty tread right there. Don’t know how well this will slide with the judges?

amazing work.

					That is fantastic!

You should most definitely.

This is very impressive. Feels like Morgan Freeman should narrate this.