Geometry nodes course progress

So I decided to post here my progres through the geomentry nodes course lesson by lesson.
I will be adding post here for some time to come.

Lets start with lesson.1 Snowman

As first lesson I made a simple scene and made a little snowman family


Lesson.2 City

I wanted to made a city globe , but I didn’t know how to do it so a mede a render with panoramic camera to “fake” the effect.


As I progres throught the course I learned the knowledge to made a propper city globe so I did this
and this


All of these are really cool! And liking seeing the progress through the course

Lesson.3 Grassy landscape

I had a pretty good time doing it

especially the tree


Wish they would grow that fast in real life. Nice work!

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Lesson4. House scene

Here is my result

And a fountain detail

I started adding sound to my animations here

This section took me a while, but I made my own fountain design and the tree trunk can be split into multiple as seen in the picture above. Still drawn by simple curve :smiley:

The water animation is simple “#frame” on seed value.

And the clouds make the animation so much better.

I really think it turn out great.


Lesson5. Donut

Here is my version, and a short animation as well.


Lesson6. Meteor strike

Here is my version and a short clip. It took me a while and there is a lot of things that can be improved, but I think you will enjoy it as much as me.


Thank you
And yes it would be nice.

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Lesson7. Spooky Corridor

This is by far my most complex and longest animation. Heck I would say it’s a short movie :smiley:

I didn’t rush this one and made it to the stage, when I am really satisfied with it.

Recommendation: you will really enjoy it with headphones.

More about this one is here:


Dang you are flying through the course! Very awesome job! Like the meteor animation too. Like the personal spins you are taking on these projects. Keep it up!

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Lesson8. Isometric boat scene

I took liberty of doing the scene differently.

The camera placement and movement was quite challenging, but that didn’t stop me from doing a little animation.


Dang I just got back from a dolphin and wale watching thing on a boat in the ocean yesterday and got sea sick and this is bringing it all back :stuck_out_tongue: lol. Nice work man! Love the idea and concept haha.

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Exactly what are geometry nodes? I fussed about learning those shader things that used to be called nodes years ago I have no idea what they are called now and I really do not want to learn geometry nodes. I am old.

Why would anyone need these? I hope they don’t replace the shader things.

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Lesson9. Billboard with text

I thought that the strings could be used better than for a simple billboard so I made a book. Of course its all made in geometry nodes (except textures).


Fried Rice Reaction GIF by Nigel Ng (Uncle Roger)
That was a good one ngl

ROFL. Hilarious

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Day 2 weeee


Very nicely done Goon