Corridor - geometry nodes course

This is by far my most complex and longest animation. Heck I would say it’s a short movie :smiley:

I didn’t rush this one and made it to the stage, when I am really satisfied with it.
It’s all rendered in eevee, and thanks to that the rendering itself was the quickest part.

Recommendation: you will really enjoy it with headphones.

And making the animation with walk mode was so much fun.

So sit back, take a headphones and enjoy:


I’m also working through this course. While I believe I created a decent piece myself, I must admit that your work is simply in a different league. You’ve managed to elevate the rudimentary tutorial we were all provided to an entirely new echelon. The amalgamation of impeccable sound quality and a succinct, yet compelling narrative showcases a level of craftsmanship that is truly commendable. Especially the details, like the visible breath, are absolutely amazing. It’s a testament to your dedication and creativity that from such a spartan course foundation, a masterpiece was born. Your work isn’t just good; it’s exemplary and serves as an inspiration to all of us. Well done!


I don’t even know what to say. This is brilliant! I am definitely showing this to people. Love the sound design, the look and everything. From the breath fogging up the helmet to the sound to the lights and everything. DANG! This is just too cool. Well done

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Now I am blushing
It feels so good to receive such a wonderful compliment
Thank you, you made my day.