Finally Learning To Sculpt

Finally decided I need to learn to sculpt especially after seeing @alexkarajohnn projects. So I got a tutorial specifically for character sculpting and between this and @blendermania animation course I’d like to think I can make a small animation of something.

Here a couple of basic renders. First is learning to put objects in place and shape them. Second is after joining them all into one mesh and upping the detail/tri count. Still much detailing to do and learn. In my mind it still looks rough as but thats what learning is about.

Having fun trying.

Nice work Eladd. What course is that from and do you recommend it?

It ‘Blender Character Creator’ from GameDev.Tv.

Main reason I jumped at it is I enjoy Grant Abbitts videos anyway. He has teamed up with them (or got approached). So far I am finding it enjoyable and interesting.

It appears to be a previous course upgraded. Some people who purchased the previous course have lost there progress on where they were up to. So for them it has been annoying. For me, as I never did previous I am fine with it.

I am learning. I am enjoying. I have no reason to say otherwise.

So at this stage, yes I do recommend. The final result will be the true decider and what projects I do myself once completed.

Nice eladd! Glad I could be of some inspiration! I believe sculpting to be the second most desirable skill for a 3D artist to have right after animation. I believe those two are very important to master if you want to make a decent living out of 3D.
That’s a nice base you have there the rest is just patience and putting in the time :wink:
Great start and can’t wait for the result!

That’s awesome, good luck!!
@alexkarajohnn 's work is inspiring
I love sculpting but i usually only do the head i wish i could all body.
What tutorial by the way?

I have the same course @eladd. I need to some practice with sculpting. Can’t wait to see your end result. I’m going to give a try later on.

In a short space of time I have already learnt some good information. You will find it useful.

Have been putting off learning to sculpt for ages as I know once you start it becomes very addictive and from what I have seen, hours can go by without you realizing.

I did not know basic workflow, I think I can confidently say I know how to start now Grin

It ‘Blender Character Creator’ from GameDev.Tv.

For this weeks WC I have a very specific idea in mind but I think to achieve the ‘VISION’ I need to sculpt many aspects of it. So it is very much speed learning at the moment to get me to the point where I can attempt to create what I wish to create.
Have already attempted to model my scene 3 times and failed already. So maybe sculpting will be my ‘Knight In Shining Armour’!? and save me…Grin

Yeah you do get lost, it helps if you remain mindful and deliberate during your sculpting, in the sense that every brush stroke should have a purpose that bring you closer to your result. But that’s a top pro level thing, I prefer having some fun with it and just playing around :stuck_out_tongue:

Welp. Both sculpting and animation are not my forte… I’m doomed, yay! Upside Down

it looks very nice , I had much fun too in my first try in sculpting but I have never tried to sculpt the whole body I did only the face.

Very nice Eladd! Sculpting is a blast and seems you’re off to a great start! :slight_smile:

You are the greeble master, that’s gotta count for something :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting up close and personal now. Learning to sculpt the mesh with more detail. Just working on the head at this point. Coming along nicely I think.

Definitely looking great eladd!

Also as apart of my sculpting journey I started the Dinosaur tutorial which I know someone else has also done as they posted the final result not that long ago.

So last night did majority of the modelling component which was actually quite in depth but I learnt some better modelling workflow techniques. Without anyscuplting I think it looks good already!

So the three screenshots: 1 Low poly - 2 With Subsurf - 3 with smooth shading.

Just working on the teeth currently then the next phase is the sculpting.

Main drive is to do something decent for this weeks challenge.

This from Julian Deville’s course? that was one of my favorites. It was a real turning point for me. It made me realize how much more I like organic modeling than hardsurface.

Yes that is the course. I remember you uploading images of past projects and this Dinosour was amongst them.