You Can Draw in 30days

I have this book…‘You Can Draw in 30 Days’.

If I follow the book from beginning to end its meant to help me draw. I have owned it for quite sometime which ironically does not make you better. I think it time I actually use it and see, can I improve?

So I am setting myself the challenge of DOING but with a difference. I will draw in pencil on paper, digitally (using Corel Painter), Grease Pencil and then make it as an actual 3D scene in Blender.

I know I will not be able todo it everyday. If I can get a few each week I will be happy.

Challenge accepted!

I love it @Eladd !!!

Great idea!! Go for it… good luck!!!

And don’t forget to have fun, this is the most important thing! ???

Super cool man! Go for it :slight_smile:

Have read the first chapter. First drawing segment about to begin. A little pretest to see how I can draw three specific objects. I assume I will redraw at end of the book to see my progress and if there is an improvement?