Space Carrier

Mostly done with the plating, greebles and all kinda doodadsthingymabobs on the main parts, might still add some bits later. Now for the colors/textures and scene/environment…

Looks great man! Nice greebling! :smiley: Look forward to seeing it textured and colored

Thanks man! Still a long way to go, gotta keep blending Slight Smile

Can you land a Klingon Shuttle on it?

Lol! I don’t think so, as this one only support a special type of ship : semi-autonomous assault drones, thousands of them. Grinning

Four days left, yey! Might throw in some escort fighters later, still experimenting with textures/colors and background elements. Been putting it in a more dynamic scene (might show it later on after finished) but didn’t work well and need more works, so I guess I will stick with the classic fleet-in-a-leisurely-cruise scene and try to compensate with some interesting elements, hopefully.



awesome dude! thats my kinda thing too lol good job man

Nice Po! Coming along great! Loving the details…or Greebling!

Thanks man, greebling is life! Joy

Thanks! Still got lotsa things to do Grinning

Like I said before, looking at this makes my brain hurt… Stunning as always Po!

Thanks Alex! Don’t worry, more brain hurting renders are coming lol…

Done with the project, see the finished render here :