Having a go at making a shed - here are some progress pics. Have a question (re texture the panels - is there a way to randomise the texture ? or do i need to apply a slightly altered texture to each panel? (FYI each panel are separate objects). Cheers  

Sorry I didn’t catch this when I was just on. Seen it when I was signing out. Yes there is a way, there is an object info node and it carries a random output connection. Here is a quick screenshot of the node group that is used to create the randomness.

First image is the settings for the standard texture setups other than having the textures set to box, and the Input/texture coordinate node set to object.

Second image is a grouped view of the randomized portion. Object info node is located in the Input portion of the node addition, all the rest are in the converter portion of the node addition.

Sorry, forgot to show the result of that node setup. Here you go. It is all just one cube then made an instance for the other three. Each time you create a new instance the texture will be different.

There are several good ways to randomize the textures. The one Steve list is a great way. Input nodes like object info are great to use with noise textures also to add grunge and chipped paint and such. Looking really good BTW.

Very cool Shed! @flyingbanana to the rescue! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much Steve (@flyingbanana) - your guidance was perfect - great tip to remember for future projects too. Much appreciated for your help. Cheers

Looks awesome!

NOICE! haha. Looks great Swanny. Is this part of a fuller scene or?

Thanks - yes it will be used for a bigger project. Upside Down

Getting there Upside Down - have to start throwing some dirt at it - looks too new at the mo.

cool shed, what are you going to keep in there? 

It will be used for a bigger project - also good to keep as an asset if required. 

Looking and coming along well man! Dirt and scratches will definitely add to it!


Little things for the shed - WIP - (Window winder and fly screen for the windows) Upside Down

Dang man these are some nice little details with the window and window lever

i see the culprit to whats killin my pc when doin a test render. No Mouth

Got home and went into my shed and noticed a few spare fly screens just sittin there - thought ‘why put fly screens up in a shed??’ so i decided not to for this project - best to have them stored in the shed. Thumbsup BTW - Thank you Alex for your alpha tip - it worked really well and has improved the render.

Nice work!!

Really coming along nicely.