Shadow Fleet

Toying around with volumetric + smoke sim in EEVEE, some post-pro in GIMP. Used ship models from previous topic :

Second image is viewport shading, last one is alternate version with no smoke sim.

Looks good. I like it better than the original honestly.

Thanks! Well, the camera angle and atmosphere are indeed better, with the downside some/most of the details are drowned in the effects (or darkness for second/blue version).

I find that is often a problem.

Very impressive, I can almost hear the ominous music playing in the background! :stuck_out_tongue: I prefer the first one, it’s like they are flying over a desert planet during a sandstorm or something, but the blue one is cool too, although they seem like submarines in that one which is interesting.

Thanks! Ah yes, some music score and animation of it will definitely go well Grinning Yup, the blue one would need some fog to make it clear it’s not underwater haha… btw actually was just messing around with some atmospheric effects for weekend challenge on other forum, and trying to better understand eevee (I omitted some effects too as eevee seems doesn’t handle them easily like in Cycles)

soooo starwars looking!!!GrinningGrinningGrinningOpen MouthClapThumbsupGrinningThumbsupGrinningThumbsupGrinningClapOpen Mouth