Blocked out with cubes then sculpting it in place. I’m sure some you guys have this course. Coming along good, I think.

yours is turning out WAY WAY better than my attempt at that did… lol… nice job Upside Down

I had to redo it more than once.

Looking good. I got so far then…well, my pen broke…what an excuse…I got a mouse! Must get back into this. Was fun. I have to admit, sculpting IS alot of fun! You are making good progress.

hey, what graphic tablet would you recommend to use for sculpting? @Eladd

Today there are so many great tablets now at affordable prices. I have the Huion 950 and find it great. It depends on price and availability. At the end of the day, any tablet will do the trick.

I’d like to get a screen tablet at some point. It more of a want than a need.