Messing with Dice, Physics and Glass

Was making some dice and using physics to make them fall into the glass cup. Everytime they rolled different numbers which is great.

I can never seem to get glass to refract or display correctly no matter what tutorial I follow so spent some time here trying to get it right. It not perfect but getting there. Here are some renders of me just messing around.

I quite like how the dice get distorted through the glass.

Tried to pour liquid into the cup but the simulation just kept failing for some reason. Must play with it more. Cant say that very realistic unless it from an empty bottle.

Dude… how did you make the glass? I’ve been trying to make glass or something transparent for like weeks!!
Oh, and i think its awesome

They say you just turn the Transmission on a texture all the way up to One but it never seems to look quite right.

So I have then read where you can combine the Glass BSDF with Glossy BSDF but that just did not work properly as well. I am guessing I did not get some of the settings correct?

So this here is just the Glass BSDF but it did not refract properly until I had a proper background.

For the background I am using the Sky Texture as the background color and played with light direction etc. Using the HDRI I assume would get same affect. That I believe is the key.

Either close the area in or use a skybox of some form. Then the glass refracts correctly. I still have more to learn but getting closer every time I tinker.

There are so many videos out there covering the topic.

Dude this looks great! I think you did quite nice on the glass material. Very nice

Thanks @eladd !!