March of Robots 2023

Doing March of Robots for this year, here’s the first bacth.

As I already have too much on my plate, instead of making everything from scratch will be doing kitbashing using my asset pack (turret + launcher + radar pack). Not specifically used for its intended purpose, but can still get the job done, lol. Presentation done with workbench render + lineart modifier like the one I used for Shiptember last year (Shiptember 2022 - Works in Progress - Discourse) for speedy result.

Kitbash away. Looking like they were meant to be!

Thanks, now I feel the urge to make related pack … ?

Second batch done for March of Robots. Not following any prompt btw, just make something that looks robotic.

P.S. I forgot to erase the ‘01-05’ part in the title, lol

Third batch done and halfway through, yay.

Fourth batch completed, only 11 more to go …

Daily progression can be followed on IG : Purbo Alam | 3D Modeler (@purbo_art) • Instagram photos and videos

Fifth batch done, onto the last week now, yey.

your robot looks awesome pubo?

Last ones are done, and challenge completed ! Will make montage of all entries and also turntable animation for each of these later on. Hope you all enjoyed it and thanks for the supports !

As promised, here’s the collage of all the entries. Turntable animation is available on ArtStation :