Let's Make our own Video Game in UE4

I’ve been trying to learn UE4 lately and the reason I got into Blender to begin with is because I want to make a few video games.
Talking about this over Zoom with @alessandro-nascimento-milhiolo and @jeeby95 they said that both have knowledge on C++ and UE4 and are willing to collaborate on a project. Also we know that @twistedsister is interested in making a video game.
So my fellow BlenderManiacs, is anyone else interested in making a video game?
I’m making this post to see who else might be willing to join in and then we can start talking ideas and how we’re gonna pull this off.
Obviously everyone will have different tastes and ideas of what game to make but for now let’s just see if anyone is interested in it.

If you make a post please let us know what kind of skillset you’re bringing to the table. Like I said Alessandro and Jeeby know how to use UE4 for programming, I’m starting to learn, and I can also sculpt characters and creatures for whatever game we’ll end up making.

So let us know what you’d be able and willing to do and we’ll arrange some meeting soon to talk about what we can make. Possibly start with something very small and see where we can go from there :slight_smile:

Amen. It sounds good to me. I was and am on the verge or either finding a programmer/programers to help me or corroborate on what I was / am wanting to do.

I have even thought about hiring and paying programmers.

I have a design vision already somewhat, but could be flexible on that to start with.

I have considered joining a Game Programing academy that a really good programmer has on YT, and Udemy. The problem is that I dont really have time to 1. Make Game Characters and work on their clothing, hair and props, Plus learn C#/C++, Blue Prints, and about 5 programs that I am learning to make the characters, and Learning Unrea4 4 all at the same time.

I guess what I need is someone who knows what I dont know, and who isn’t interested in the Character Creation side of things.

I am also super weak with the animations right now as I haven’t bothered to spend time learning iClone also which I have spent hundreds of dollars on to purchase, and yet it doesn’t look that hard, but I could be wrong about that.

Anyway, Yea if we could get 8 to 30 people that knows different things about Unreal4, and or Unity, (which I dont like or prefer, but if some one knows it, then). Knows even in general Game design and or conceptual development. 3D modeling. Marvelous Designer, Texturing in Blender, Substance Painter, 3D Coat, which I have bought. Z Brush. Any of the Reallusion Pipeline.

Side note. ( I have bought and own The Reallusion Pipeline. Character Creator / iClone /Xchange. If you dont know what that is, then dont sweat it, but any thing I have and make on there, and or Buy in their store system can be put into a game project without license problems like you can get with Daz or Art Station, and Sketchfab.

I get long winded and I have a lot to say, and or to much at times.

However I was, and am trying to be very clear here on what I am working on in concept, and or what I can and will be able to put forth on a project / projects.

I think if we do get a crew/group of people that can all help pick up the blocks we need to build a pyramid, it would be great.

I personally have played a game, (and still do) that is around 20 years old. It is a little bit like Hero’s of Might and Magic. It uses a bit different math though. In HoMaM (Heros of Might and Magic, you stack army units. Like you can gather knights, or peasants and dragons and you collect 1 to over 1000 depending on what the unit is, how much they cost and you can afford, ect. There are You Tube video’s on this game so I dont have to write a 10 page essay on how it works.

Basically though, it is Turn Based, and Turn Based Combat.

The game I am talking about is called Disciples 2. It is similar in that ir is turn based, and turn based combat, but the units get levels which give them more (HP) and they go up by (XP).

I will put on a yt demo of me playing the opening level on YT, if you are interested.

Ok, so most of my video’s are old but you would get the idea.

I want to basically make this game. Copy it in concept. Change the name and story of the game. Make it 32/64 bit instead of 16 bit.

I have toyed with the idea of walking around with the party like in World of Warcraft, but when you go into combat it goes to turn based combat mode.

UE4 Turn Based RPG (v2) - YouTube and Unreal Engine Turn-Based jRPG Template: Trailer - YouTube are a few examples.

Alright so if I got this right you’re mostly interested in the character creation aspect of it correct?
I’m familiar with games like that though haven’t played them much. They’re pretty fun.

For now let’s not be too focused on a specific thing, I think it would be best if everyone interested gathers on a Zoom meeting at some point and discuss ideas so we can find a common ground and work on something everyone’s excited about as this is a collaboration and not paid or volunteer work.
We can share ideas for games that we already have in mind and we can spitball and brainstorm new ones too. I have a documentation of the game I want to make too, but it’s a niche type of game and not something everyone would be interested in.

But since you’re in and (again correct me if I’m wrong) are interested in the Character Creation aspect of it, we can soon arrange a meeting maybe next week with everyone else and start discussing concepts.

So anyway also. anyone can see my character work in my forum, and or what kinds of props that I am working on.

The thing to me is I am wanting a Game of Thrones / Lord of the Rings / Dungeons and Dragons game with all the races of Middle Earth, plus The monsters, and demons from our favorite movies.

I like the way that Disciples grouped them up. Also I dont want Guns, No Fn Guns. If it got to the point where you had a Match Lock gun, and it was/is basically no better than a crossbow then Ah, Maybe. I just dont want to make a first person shooter, of have like ranged advantages, unless the combat system is based on the Hexagon / moving on the chess board system that they come out wiht in Disciples 3 and kind of what they use in HoMaM.

Well Basically that is my Mouthfull. Let us know what you think about all this, and or your aspect whether you just want to help glue the thing together, and or if you want to jump in with both feet at the deep end. I am willing to do that, and I can and would be flexible on a cooperated project, and like I said, maybe it would turn into more projects and everyone can guide more of a (what they want to do thing) We can make a Shoot Zombies in space, or World of Warships meets War Thunder, or Shoot each other in Fortnite.

Time, money, knowledge, and motivation are the creators and killers of projects. Manpower helps eleviate and augment solutions around those factors.

So lets see what we can do together.

Oh and Thank You alexkarajohnn, Its his idea to get it together.

(LOL) I wasn’t trying to jump on the podium and take over the surmon.

We can always do it for the King.

Yeah I like old school D&D like games but I’m very eager to hear what other people have in mind too and I’m open to cool ideas for a fun game!
Just this afternoon I had an idea for a sci-fi turn based game that I was very excited to think more about. Can’t wait to hear what others might be thinking of making!

Also it was Alessandro that started it, I’m just making the post :wink:

Let’s start forming The BlenderMania Game Team (BMGT) and see what lies ahead :smiley:

i would be interested in helping if i can

For sure man, come on in! :stuck_out_tongue:

Making a comment here so that people don’t miss this from all the updates to the wall.
Again if you’re interested in making a video game with Alessandro, Jeeby, Twisted, Simon and myself, make a comment, we’ll get this thing rolling!

Just saw this on the wall, wonder how I missed it earlier.

Short Answer: YES IM IN!

SKILLS: Level Design/Environment

My main reason for learning Blender has always been with the intention of making Mesh objects/Buildings/Characters/Levels for games. After going through World Of Design UDK tutorials, I realised I needed a mesh Modelling program. 3DSMAX was too expensive and I cant remember how I got onto Blender…but it was related to game development.

Early on I was even considering using Blender Game Engine when I found out it had one but have also looked at UDK, UE4, UNITY, Godot3, Armoury3D (integrates into Blender).

Most of my Udemy courses were purchased with the intention of creating a game at some point.

I have always been into games since Sinclair Spectrum days and have made maps on and off over the years for various games, Doom 1/2/3, Quake 1/2/4, Call of Duty series 1,2,4,5 (Radiant), Half LIfe 2 (source) Left 4 Dead 1/2 (source), Killing Floor 2 (UDK), Red Orchestra 2 (UDK), Rising Storm 1/2 (UDK), Americas Army Proving Grounds (UDK), SKYRIM.

So I have had experience with Unreal Engine but not programming side. I still classify myself newbie as it has been more of a hobby.

I guess you could say I have scratched the surface but mastered none.

I am open to most game types (if you look at my game library, over 2000+). Mainly played FPS over the years. Currently play World of Warships and Deep Rock Galactic when not Blendering.

So yes, I am up for the challenge Space Invader

Possible Idea: Shooter, Racing, RPG, tower defence? I am open to most genres.

Would be interesting to see what we can make.

Everyone here are a great bunch of people and with our powers combined, we should be able to make something quite spectacular!

That’s great Eladd, welcome aboard! Like I was saying to Twisted yesterday if you happen to have an idea for a game take some time to write a documentation of some gameplay systems, that way when we start spitballing it would be easier to explain an idea to others. If not that’s no problem at all, I’m certain we’ll come up with something!

I’ve worked with a small independent game development studio here locally, but I had to part ways due to personal differences between studio and I. Mostly the game was developed in Unity. I wore every hat you can think of while I was there working on the first tile, programmer, level designer, project manager, president of the studio lol, and others. So I ended up making assets/models for the studio, but since I’ve moved on to pursue other goals. However, I would love to help in any way I can, but I still have a lot to learn.

Looks like we going get quite a few people interested.

My first thought would be to start a small project.

Have a couple of ideas, first one:

  • Blender Pinball: The power hour table?

Start off with the default cube. Then depending on how you want to do design the table progress. Have the default cube changes to other basic object like Cone, Sphere, Torus, etc Then as you get different missions, you get to pick the theme, the object evolves into an object. Then could incorporate special stage somehow with Susanne being the target?

Thought a pinball game would have been interesting to make in Blender with Armoury3D but UE4 would give it a better look (maybe?)

Depending on how well the first project goes. Move onto a more elaborate one?

Found a couple of interesting posts. Second page in the reddit post. (don’t know why it puts it in twice?) I need to read through this myself but thought I’d share. You know you forget where you find these articles sometimes:


Sweet ed, another person with professional experience is very welcome!

Nice man, some good tips on the worklfow. And sure we can work on something simple for a start and see where we go from there. I think next week we should have a meeting if everyone’s available and talk ideas :slight_smile:

I can help with some greebling, though I’m not really sure where that will be useful :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, since the team comprised of volunteers with varied level of experiences, keeping the momentum and spirit would be a challenge, need a good leadership to maintain that. I agree with starting with something simple or not too overly complex and build up from there, so we all can adjust and learn more of our strengths and weaknesses as a group while in the process.

Well it seems we got quite a team for now.

Well as it was said before I can program in many computer languages (C++, Delphi/Pascal, Java, PHP, etc…) I can also help with props and objects, as well as some characters, but I’ll leave the clothes for someone with better skills.

I can also attempt and draw art concepts for some of the props, and characters, though I’m more sci-fi oriented and my drawing is anime style drawing

Wonderful! Alright guys so let’s get a meeting going. How does Thurdsay 1 PM Pacific Standard Time work for you? So in a week from now. If you have a better suggestion for the time and day please let me know but it’s gonna be a bit tough to make it perfect for everyone. We’ll shift the meetings around from time to time to make it better for everyone. @eladd@twistedsister@k1llswitch79


Lets talk timezones.

If 11am PST is same as when The Powerhour, then that would put me at 6am GMT+12.

Doable but I’d be yawning alot.