Lemarchand's Box

As a big fan of hellraiser, I had to create the famous puzzle box.  This is the VERY start of it.

I have created the initial texture, with a normal generated from "normalmap-online", but still looks very flat.  Anyone got any good tutorials on creating normals/bumps/roughness images?  I would like the gold to be slightly more reflective while keeping the background less reflective.  As usual, any feedback & thoughts very welcome.

@silverstirling If the design on the cube is a saved image then you can use it as well with a roughness and a bump map node. Just plug those into a rgb to bw node and you could even place a color ramp node in there to allow for additional adjustments. Other than the albedo/color texture image all other image textures are a non-color output. As far as an actual normal map creation it will require actual geometry or something like Gimp with it’s normal map creator, otherwise you would probably have to duplicate your cube then sculpt the details using the image as reference and bake the normal map to the low poly cube. But for a quick and simple color to b/w texture map conversion this works decently.

Hey Silver! What @flyingbanana said can work and also you can checkout these two tutorials I did a while back that may help:



thanks @flyingbanana and @blendermania - havnt really spent much time with nodes other, might have a go at that first then follow up with the tutorials