Getting thereClap

Coming along great, keep it up.


Looking cool! Is it for a game or scene?

Animation Scene.

Looking good.

Thanks Crispy, Ed, and Alaska!

Still have a lot to do on this bad boy, but it’s coming along.

Yes, it is

Very nice CJ! Coming along for sure. Can’t wait to see the final animation :smiley:

Doing the arms… Those things are driving me crazy!!!

Very nice CJ! One step at a time

Yes indeed, one little step at a time.

Getting closer.

2 in 1, this thing is so awesome, but A LOT OF WORKConfounded, still doing the finger though. But getting thereSlight Smile

Getting there CJ! Once you rig you can animate. Hang in there man!

Patience is a key young friend.

Time to do some rigging!!! Can’t wait to Animate itStuck Out Tongue Winking Eye

I’m coming alone. Love what i’m looking at right now!