Floating City WIP

Some early concepts for the future city contest. Cityscape

More detailed concept on the building. Okay, been too immersed in making some 2D concepts these past few days, better hop back to Blender soon or else I might forget how to edit a cube!

Dang I love this concept Po! And it has the Blendermania stamp of approval at the bottom left so you know this blueprint is legit :stuck_out_tongue: Go for it man! Can’t wait to see this in 3D

Thanks! It has my name on it too, absolutely entirely legit! Invest in your dream apartment, book now* !

  • price might increase tommorrow (or yesterday, depends on your corresponding time zones)

Woah! Can’t wait to see this

Thanks! Me too Grinning

Done with the basic shapes and… less than a week left? No problem, only need to add lotsa details next… hits panic button

Looks like a fancy Mace!

… and a very expensive one that is! Joy

Some test renders done back then.

Finished image/render : https://www.blendermania3d.com/forums/topic/skyward-living/