February Contest WIP

A quickly put together human heart from basic shapes, before going into sculpting it all together and adding details.

and a small teaser of what I’m going for… It’s a bloody mess (pun intended) at the moment but it’s getting there slowly. I just started this concept a couple of hours ago

I can understand the small teaser, i like your concept, I like things that represent emotions. 

That’s a really cool idea. I can’t wait to see it!

Wow Alex this is awesome! Where have you been for the other contests? :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait to see the fninished result. I love pieces with a story/emotion to it and this conveys a lot

Thank you Francesca I’m glad you like it! :slight_smile:

Thank you Crispy, let’s hope I have enough time to finish it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Alex I appreciate that! I don’t really like taking part in competitions of any kind but I thought I should try it, if for no other reason then just to get used to working with a deadline :wink:

Yeah that was the main reason I got into Blender, eventually I’d like to focus on making some story/emotional pieces like this. I like making creatures and characters and all the fun things too, but there are some other concepts I’d like to explore, based on my observations and experiences. Kind of like combining Fine Arts with 3D art :slight_smile:

Deadlines are very important I feel. It doesn’t have to be perfect all the time.

Little progress on the heart. Didn’t dedicate enough time in Blender today I’m afraid. All I did was join the parts and did some quick experiments on adding a bit of detail in some places and threw together a very basic material to have some guide.

Hey Progress is progress. Looks great man. Can’t wait to see this finished. You got this whole weekend and another week :slight_smile:

Yup, as long as there’s no 0% day we are good! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks Alex!

Sto aspettando ulteriori progressi, andiamo MuscleRelaxedLaughing

Looks great!!!

Very true Crispy!

Hahaha fine Francesca I’ll hurry just for you :stuck_out_tongue: xD

Thanks Ed, much appreciated!! 

Little sculpting progress and some experiments for the skull. I might go with an expressionless, mouthless head or with a “love-struck” look I’m not certain yet…

ok now it’s scary!! ahhhh

Good good, that’s what I was going for :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: Smiling Imp