Electronic boardgame assets.

Dang you really did start this a long time ago huh. Pretty sweet. It’s finally coming to fruition :stuck_out_tongue:

Step bby step. Thumbsup

Created a basic set of tiles. With that I created my first room, but I don’t like it, it’s too ‘tiny’, door, windows, airvents. I’ll remap and make it compact. That’s why, it’s a Work-in-Progress.

I compacted the game board, which leads to more details for furniture etc. It's becoming a trail and error process. But what else can you do on a rainy Sunday.

Reminds me of Clue.

Cool Pete! Looks good!

Can be, never played. But this version is al about sounds. You only hear sounds of footsteps, doors, windows, etc… then you need to deduct where the thief is.

Interesting concept.

Quick low poly plant.

Nice plant. Coming together nicely with all these assets

It’s not going into the direction, I thought it could be.
The concept is working, but details is difficult, due to the size of things. Lattice construct works, I’m glad for that. But it introduces coordinate GRID problems. So still WIP !!

Pete this is seriously awesome man! I love board games and this looks like something really interesting to play!! I’d love to hear and learn more about your game and I hope you complete it! Best of luck :smiley:

Thanks, it’s a project, from long long time ago.
It’s a trail and error process. Not sure where it ends.
The software program works, but the difficulty lies in the game board design. Which is flexible, but the outcome is a bit dull.

Needed a tram asset. Just basic because it’s a small addition.

Reference (prague) + my version (block modeling)

Tram on the game board, it’s so tiny. No details needed.

Dang this is so cool! Like Alex said, I want to play this now! Looking forward to all the updates :slight_smile:

That’s totally fine, throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks.
It’s a passion project, it will end when you feel satisfied with it!! :slight_smile:

I’d love to try it man as soon as you are ready to share it and give you some feedback!

Adding some 5 min furniture meshing to scene. Just quick and simple.

Gotta have somewhere to sit.

First floor plan, one of 4, in concept ready. I’ve used InkScape for node routes and merged Blender output in GIMP.
My work flow is completed. All game parts are available as concept. Now fine tuning, debugging and finalizing.