Electronic boardgame assets.

Creating stock photography for an electronic board game. An old project that I started 25 years ago, but not completed. The electronic part is a set of sounds, which indicates where a thief is walking on a game board. Goal is to locate the thief.

One of the items the thief can steel. A pearl necklace.

that’s really nice.


Very nice Pete. Dang taking a 25 year old project, I like that. Hope to see it completed this time :slight_smile:

Sounds like fun! When’s game night? Joy

A safe to crack …

Diamonds to steal.

Also criminals do love some art

What kind of poly count you doing?

Dude this is so cool! I just favorited this forum (which is the first time I ever do that) so I can follow along because this is intriguing for some reason haha. Keep it up

I’m trying to create some stock material to use as bitmaps in the board game. So poly count doesn’t count. For this picture frame I tried at first to use sculpting. But somehow I don’t understand sculpting for the n-th time. Other people are making beautiful sculpts. While my versions looks like spit out chewing gum. So I made some wobbly things with curves. I see it WIP and 1 hour projects.

It’s a QAD process … Quick And Dirty … :wink:

I used  a hidden node 'Velvet BSDF"
Add node by search for “velvet”.

Sorry I can’t reply to the right comment. I like the velvet node. lots of uses.

Need some introduction screen. I’m using an old project as an example. Illumination, dark, foggy scene. And illustrious guests …

Very nice scene for this type of game

ISOMETRIC tiles to build the game map.  A WIP - door or window not clearly visible. Need to tweak this process.

Very interesting and cool. I like the concept and having tiles to build the map actually. Very intuitive 

Boardgame map concept from many, many years ago.

(yes, I know. Don't save too much.)