Character for animation

A character I designed and am working on.

I plan to rig and animate it at some point.

As of creating this post I’m doing some texturing and rigging.

Character sculpt:

Charcter after retopo and adding details:


Currently working in substance painter for the textures.

It’s pretty much done by now, thinking about adding some more details in the cloak like either this:

Or something simpler like this:

Might also add some more folds in the actual model for some extra details, but I won’t go too crazy on that.


Here is how it looks like in Blender right now:


That is SO SICK Ceffry. Definitely want to see it rigged & animated. How long did this take man?

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Well I used a base from the Blender site, removed the head, used the masks in sculpt mode to get the rough shape of the armor, did a very rough retopo of that. The boots, helmet, halo and the little armor at the halo are just simple shapes out of a either a plane or round cube.

Trying to get back into substance painter took longer than doing the model itself, worked on it for like a little over a week

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Finished the rig, done everything manually and didn’t use addons like rigify.

Bone Manager Addon and a Bone Widget Addon really made it a lot easier.

(Screenshot with all the controllers visible)

So far the whole rig has 561 Bones, a RigUI and some custom properties:

Was it a bit overkill? Probably (lol)


561 bones, dang! Very cool though!

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Yeah! I’m so glad that there is no face to animate, face-rigs are something else ^^"

But at last it’s animating time!

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This is fantastic! You’re using Substance Painter? I was checking out Material Maker as a free alternative. Have you tried that at all? Again, beautiful work! I’d love to see the animation when you’re done.

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Thank you! I’m currently refining a walk cycle, it’s almost done.

Well being a student allows me to use it for free for a certain time. I have not tried any alternatives since I usually just use pre-made materials ^^"

Substance Painter was alright to get into and is pretty decent to use. I’m personally not the biggest fan of some of the hotkeys and how it deels with some things, but all in all very practical!

I’m also not a fan of adobe’s subscription model, but I do think that you can actually buy programms like Substance Painter, Designer, …, though I have not looked that much into that yet.

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Thank you for that! And I totally agree. I’m going to try some Material Maker tutorials this weekend and see if it is a viable substitute. I’d rather donate to freeware anyway. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Finished the walk cycle.


Woooow That is so cool! Hype hype!

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Thanks! I see some flaws in the cloth, probably because I did animate this by hand, but I’m very pleased with it ^^

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I bet, it looks fantastic! :fire:

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