Acolytes of Magic and Steel

Hello all who visits this realm of Midieval Fantasy Adventures, Quests, and the struggle between good and evil. 

I have played games for over 30 years now that ranged from Dungeons and Dragons to World of Warcraft.

One of my favorite games was a series called Disciples / Sacred Lands, and the Disciples 2 games. 

So I am working on the idea and basis to make an RPG in high end graphics based on aspects of some of these games, and our favorite movies and Si Fi series.

Also I have a Photo Album for Game Characters in my photo section of my profile area.

I also intend to make You Tube video’s that show the game creation process and when I have a playable level, enable the members on this website to help Alpha test the game.
Here are 2 shots of Alexander the Great as a Roman Commander Character model for the game.

that’s really cool and amazing.  You have some real talent making characters.

A look at the Witcher Game Character.

Great work! Looks awesome!

I’m exited to watch this progress.

So cool Twisted! I think we are all excited to follow the progress of this. Those two models of Alexander and the Witcher are freaking amazing! Look forward to see more

Was up wit yo bad self? 

So I took a photo of me, and had quite a time modeling my own face for a game character.

Nice job. looks like you.

this is cool, you managed to add your own face to your character.

That is so cool man! I just favorited this thread as I look to continue seeing it as you update it :slight_smile: Now you just need to weild a huge double sided axe! lol

TY ed. Yes I was actually modeling my face in Blender for a long while last year, but the pictures were of Me with a beard.

with the morphing controls on the new program it makes it more like sculpting that hard surface modeling like I do with the ships and planes.

side shot

Here is a new model. Morticia Addams.

It looks like she getting ready to battle.

The A pose has that effect. I have to put them in a T pose to convert to use as Game Character. I do want to make her better hair, and her iconic dress though.

Twisted has done it again! Nice work my friend!

Ok, So I have been watching some Tutorials, and I have gotten closer to putting in my Prop assets into CC3 from Blender and importing the textures so I can put them into their store, so I can sell them.

All of the armor/outfit peices on the model are store assets, but the Axe is the one I modeled in Blender and textured in 3D Coat. I need to re UV it as you notice it has bleed over from the handel color onto the lower part of the blade on the interior, and a touch on the upper inside blade, and there are dent marks on the lower blade also. So yea, I need to do some UV work, and adjust the metallic map some, as the metal shading and or Ambient Occlusion is off. 

I think its a succes thoug that I got the first asset in the program. Now I need to also learn to put Hair models in here, and my armor models, and custom clothing. Then I can also submit them to their market place along with putting them on Sketchfab, and CG Trader, and maybe on the Blender marketplace.