A guessing game this one hehehe

will be building this over some time, but lets see who can guess exactly what I’m building

Hoping to get the base done today

Base almost done

Stage 1 complete

Dang man loving the precision and detail so far already :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex ?

Beginning the body

I think traditionally the body was made of wood

Love the fact you have it on jackstands as well! Awesome, can’t wait to see it finished.

Will begin the hard stuff now

Starting the front end build

Shes got some spring in her step heheh

Starting to take shape

Change of engine to V8 instead of V12

Stage 1 engine build, creating the pully system for the engine


How did you do all this colors tho? What is that?

Thanks man, this can easily be achieved by going to the drop down list near the viewport shading tab at the top right of the viewport screen and selecting random

Where did you find your engine blueprint? I’ve been looking for engine blueprints but cant find the model I am after. Plenty of newer V8s but not the older ie winsor/cleveland 302 or 351

Stage 1 engine build, pully system. Alternator on its way