4 Legged Creature From Sculpting Course

At last I’ve managed to render this murder-kitty.

This project was on pause for many months.
I was planning on rendering it in a scene as well, but I had several errors along the way so for the moment I prioritised just getting a render of the sculpt itself.
I dont know if I will come back to it to place it in a scene.

Either way I am happy with where I got with this. I learned a ton and had a ton of fun too!
Feedback and critiques very welcomed! I always strive to get better at things I like to do :slight_smile:

Process pictures of this project you can find here: https://www.blendermania3d.com/t/4-legged-creature-sculpt-from-ultimate-sculpting-course/7087



Brilliant making it feline! Fantastic anatomy too! Wonderful job, Olivia :sparkling_heart:

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Thank you so much! :heart: I indeed did strive for somewhat realistic looking anatomy with this and worked hard :slight_smile:

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Dang this thing is sick! From the sculpting to the texturing to the whiskers etc! Very, very well done & well done on getting over the challenges and completing it! The effort was worth it!

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There for sure was a lot of challenges but I am really happy I’ve completed it! Thanks for all the help along the way and for the spectacular course you’ve provided ^^ I am learning a lot!

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Anytime! Well done!

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Unique style!! love the way you designed the tail!!!

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Happy to hear that! Thank you!