You can huff and pouff all you want to. This motha' is not coming down

On the 2nd photo the cylender will be a rising elevator. in the 3rd photo that will be a rising glass elevator. in the 2nd photo will be the condos. I’m having a lottle problem messing with the color but I’m getting there. The back will have a glassed in area for a gym, spa and workout area. Can I get a witness? Advice? Opinions.

I don’t want any hugs and kisses. Just give me your honest opinion. Much Love and Respect Funk in Full effect.

At first glance it looks like a 50s microphone or belt clip ticktack dispensor!

You know what you are making but if it wasn’t for your description I wouldn’t have guessed it was meant to be apartments as you cant really tell what it is due to lack of lighting and/or lack of other reference for scale.

If you changed the point light to a sun lamp that may make all the difference? Added some trees or a road it would make more sense.

I suspect you will do that at a later date?

I added motion videos but I can’t get the motion in the windows. Am I supposed to do Image texture when I do images?

Close up windows shoot.

Nice texture work man! I’ll be moving in shortly since @purbosky won’t let me stay in his place :stuck_out_tongue:

lol. Rent goes up. $2.50 cents a year now. Up from $1.90