Yacht on the sea [some progress].

I’ve progressed with this project and I’d like to share it here…again. Any recommendation will be welcomed.

Well that’s awesome, I would suggest if you haven’t already, start adding other stuff that complements the yatch.

Wow! Nice yacht! That thing looks great!

That is so sick! Can’t wait to see it textured

Thanks Ed! - Could you tell me what kind of things? I don’t know what else to add, so your help will be very welcomed Sweat Smile

Thank you very much.

Hey man, thanks. I’m working on it but I lack of time you know. I’m thinking to upload a material test that I have. Actually, I’ll do it.

Awesome work, think ed means things like either antennas or maybe some beach chairs on the lower deck at the back maybe some life savers hanging at the side. Just accessory type stuff that you would see on a boat. Really nice modeling here, again great job.

Ohh I see, you two are totally right! I will model some of those things, I’m sure they will add subtle details to the boat. Thank you very much man.

different props that belong on a yacht, like people partying LOL,