Yacht material test.

Hey guys, this is the material test of the boat that I mentioned you before. Davide is a friend of mine and he’s the guy behind of the ocean. Any suggestion is welcomed!

Looks amazing, really nice how the blue of the water reflects back onto the hull.  

WOW! Love this. Looks really great. Agree with silver, the reflections are awesome. Like the yacht materials. For the ocean maybe a bit more blue? Right now if I look at it for a bit it kind of reminds me of tin foil or metalish. Otherwise the ocean is nice too but maybe a tad different color

Awesome work Yorvin! I’ll agree with Alex though, go for that deep blue ocean color, this current one looks a bit muddy or like polluted water. That deep blue will make the whole render pop out more!
Everything else looks great to me!

Thank you so much man.

Thank you Alex, glad you like it. And sure, I will make that change, you´re totally right about the blue ocean. Thank you again for the feedback.

I didn´t notice it but the ocean looks weird Sweat Smile. A blue ocean will fit much better in this scene, after all it´s a boat haha. Thanks as always.

I just assumed it was in shallow water and you could see the color of the sand reflecting lol. Like in a clear bay.

hahhahaha it´s a valid and excellent way to see it. But the truth is we (my friend and I) chose a bad material for the water Sweat Smile

After looking though they are right. The draft an that boat won’t allow it be in shallow enough water for that color. Good eye @blendermania.

Exactly, that´s the real thing man.