Wrecking Starships

Some basic starships designs for a contest, not putting too much details as I’m going to wreck and tear them apart later on. :P 

Loving the style of this man. Is it gonna be textured too? Cause I like it like this :stuck_out_tongue: but textures may be cool too

Where do you get your inspiration from? Pinterest, google images, Deviant Art, or from your mind, lol?

Thanks! Yes, it will be textured. Simple ones for the ones in bg (procedurals) and more details on the main ship. Slight Smile

Well, mostly just started from a default cube, mirrored, then playing with the shapes and adding some until I find the one I like. It never done in one single time though, mostly go back and forth with the design. Usually not referring directly from others, but might subconsciously affected by designs from scifi movies etc., for example at one time I made a design I like, then just realized it kinda looks like something from SW etc. (then changed it here and there, lol)

Really nice designs. can’t wait to see them wrecked.

Thanks! Me too Grinning

Positioning of objects (feels like the millionth time, lol), still moving some around and adding more details, but this will be the overall composition.

Very cool Purbosky !

Agreed with a.k.a-Swanny, floating wreckage in space, I like it.

This is really awesome Po! Can’t wait to see the final. BTW the position of that little object on the bottom, right, left handed uper corner would look better turned 90 degrees…lol kidding! Looks great man. I can imagine how tedious too

Thanks ! Thumbsup

Thanks! Would be easier to make if it isn’t wrecked, now I’m not really sure if I wanna do something like this again, lol!

LOL! I guess I’ll try to find that li’l object in the north-southwest-upper-east-bottom corner later then… Joy Thanks, man!

Finished render here: 


He’s done it again!