Worm Hunt

@Alex, once again, my man, you’ve nailed it with top-tier explanations on this whole camera tracking gig in the “Character Animation Course”. Honestly, I’d shoved this topic into the “too-hard-to-bother” basket because it felt like trying to understand rocket science after a night out. But thanks to you, I’ve now birthed this worm-tracking masterpiece. I know, I know, it’s a work in progress in the quality beginner department. But hey, I finally get how to capture a moving object without having the camera go on a caffeine-induced frenzy. Big kudos for this memorable course part. BTW. I used Blender 4 beta for this. @Alex, your course is evidently timeless across versions.



That is awesome to hear UWE! Very well done :slight_smile: Glad you got it all working out because yes this technique can definitely bring it to a caffeine induced frenzy haha. Yes the courses work through all the different version which is the beauty! Very nicely done again man!

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I believe this technique is a prime example of the saying ‘Practice makes perfect.’ My initial attempts weren’t that fruitful; I could only catch glimpses of the worm for mere fractions of seconds. My final output, on the other hand, seems much more refined, with the camera tracking almost consistently. While I did heavily tweak the ending, a fortunate twist resulted in an awesome conclusion. I truly believe that, in line with ‘Practice makes perfect,’ with enough repetition, this technique will become second nature.


Absolutely. Just like any other part of Blender, the more you do it the more second hand it will become :slight_smile:

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