work in progress

okay, hope this is the right one. put it in dropbox some time ago. Can’t get the audio to play when its rendered and trying to get words to run like blood.

Hey Writer! Actually now we have the ability to upload .blends directly so the site. If you click reply, you will see a documents icon in the reply to attach a .blend. You can attach it that way. Also with attachment can you put exactly what it is you need help with and what you’re having issues with?

okay, this is work in progress for horror story. Can’t get the audio to play in final render. Also trying to find a way to make the red writing in name run down like blood

Very nice Writer! Quite funny because I have a friend of mine who is building a house on Lindley ave haha so for a second thought it was the same one. For the audio you’ll have to render out the frames into png images and then load the png images into the sequencer and change your output settings to ffmpeg video and then scroll down to encoding and select mp3 as seen in the screenshot. For the blood going down the letters you can try duplicating the words and then converting those words to a mesh. Then make those duplicated words a fluid and play with that and now that text will run down as fluid and you can make the original text a collision for the fluid