Wooden Weekly Challenge

Figured I would post my updates here to my Weekly Challenge/s so this is the Wooden theme

HAha! Again I love this piece. So awesome rofl

Very interesting concept

Well here is a little update to the weekly contest. They have eyeballs now Yayyy they can see their horror!

I like it a lot

Thank you. I couldn’t sleep so I started texture painting eyeballs LOL

It’s kind of morbid…Probably why I like it so much…

I don’t they have a very good health and safety plan in place.

@Eladd yeah their boss isn’t very happy with their work ethic so he is letting them sort it out on their own. Survival of the fittest. :wink:

@TheDerpPirateCrispy I haven’t done morbid in a while so I figured I would try a “G” rating of it without all the blood and guts. Thanks :slight_smile:

LOL! This is so brutally beautiful Steve! I like the additions and also the lighting of it

Thanks man :slight_smile: