Wooden Weekly Challenge WIP

After chatting yesterday I did go home and fire up Blender (no procrastination). Didn’t go with my initial design (although there still time) but went with the following. Just need to make two more objects. Texture. Render and post. Will not be spending more than that as wont have any more time. Plan is to finish it tonight.

Awesome job Eladd! Amazing what we get done without procrastination huh? Can’t wait to see finished result

Don’t listen to him Eladd, Procrastination is the way of the future!

This is where I got to this morning. Took a copy of my blend file to casually render at work Smirk Yep. I'll have it finished tonight.

Shadow boxes are cool.

Looks great! Awesome feel to it

Thought I’d post my final scene and show how I configured my layout.

I have been wanting to model this scene for some time. As you can see form the reference images, the main scene is the top left image. I found this in an advert of a magazine month back. Took a picture and kept it for reference.

This is how I have decided I can improve my scene creation. Find pictures of adverts in a home renovation type magazine.

After creating the initial scene it just didn’t feel right so came up with the idea of the wooden plane. Google was my friend hence reference image (the one I liked and it fitted with the other vehicle styles).

Then it didn’t seem right, how does the plane hang there so the fans were created. Parented the plane to the fans so I could rotate the fan and determine what I thought was a good position in the scene.

It felt like there was too much of a blank area in the top left hence the clouds (que reference; googled cardboard clouds).

The whiteboard I wanted to draw onto it but the default grease pencil was not quite what I was looking for. Wanted possibly a crayon like brush. Found some brushes on a Blender.org post. Used it to draw the ‘kids style drawing’ because I am a ‘big kid’.

Feel I could do more with lighting and always struggle with this and composition.

This will my most complex scene that I have actually finished. So that alone is an accomplishment for me.

Hope you actually like my scene. I'm just please to have completed it.

I enjoy seeing everyone else work.

Now onto the food challenge Yum

This is really cool! Thanks for the breakdown of it too. Very interesting :slight_smile: I love your scene!

Just showed the wife. Asked her what her honest opinion was with ‘this’ image. On a scale of 1 out of 10, what would you rate it as. She gave it a 10Heart Eyes Then I said, ‘I made that’. She said ‘no way’. So to me, that’s my win right there. Wife’s seal of approval!

ha! That’s a win right there! Nice man!