First attempt at modelling a wolf with reference images still obviously have a ton of work left to do but it’s at least a start

Nice work tlhman! Keep it up. Great start!

Nice start, always enjoy watching people do organic modelling, objects are boring! :stuck_out_tongue:
Pay attention to anatomy, it will help when you start sculpting your wolf to give it details.
But great start, waiting to see where you go from here!

I will thanks for the advice

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I have found that drawing techniques are not too far off from 3d other than the fact you can orbit around your work instead of just seeing it in flat space. I came across this a few months back which might be of some help along your journey of the wolf. The instructor is well known and has had quite the professional career dealing with animal artwork.


Thanks Ive Been trying to find something good on their anatomy and I think this will help a lot thanks

Making the wolf a little more stylized gave it some features to make it recognizable as a wolf still need to work on the body but it looks a lot better imo although not sure how i like the ears