"With blind resolve - killing the child"

A little thingy I did in a few hours inspired by this awesome song Solitude Aeturnus - Scent Of Death - YouTube

Dang man this is quite beautiful (in a very morbid way lol!) Nice work

Nice DOF, color tone, Sun flare! The hills in back are perfect!

Amazing work!

Thanks dude! I was dealing with some negative emotions and this came as a result, it was nice working on it not only as a way to artistically deal with these emotions but also because this is the fastest work I’ve done, made it all in a few hours so it was double the positive effect it had :smiley:

Thank you Eladd much appreciated man! Believe it or not the sun flare and hills are part of the HDRi I just gave it some bloom and a sun lamp to bring the 2d background to life. I just added the mist and trees in between my scene and the Background to complete it. Using the HDRi as a guide of where things should be was big help!

thank you Crispy!