WIP - World In A Bottle

The topic for this challenge is “World in a Bottle”.

World in a Bottle – If you could fit the whole world in a bottle – what would you put in it? No, seriously: Every piece of art is always just a tiny microscopic bit of reality, right? A conscious decision to pick exactly this and not that. It’s like fitting a part of the world into a bottle, and that’s just what you’re about to do! How’s living there, encapsulated in this odd vessel of glass? Are there even tiny species living there, whole cultures emerging from the bottom to the neck? Well, as I said: art is all about deciding what’s in and what’s not…

So that is the topic and I have started.

Idea - Ants colony in a body with a kid poking a stick into the bottle but Ants are dressed like Spartans from 300 and are protecting there home and Queen.

Should be epical. Here’s my first test render!

I almost started working on my idea for that one. A desk with random jars containing various additives some tweezers along with some finished worlds in bottles sitting on a shelf all corked off, a giants hands in the scene holding a jar of stars and a funnel in the other hand. But still not feeling 100% so going to just watch the entries for that one instead.

I like the “inside the bottle” perspective.