WIP WC Tropical

Tropical I immediately thought ‘island’.

So jumped into Blender and wanted to use Grease Pencil more, so sketched up an idea.

Then began to model the idea. Currently all low poly and subject to change. I moved the GP sketch up so I could see it.

Still early days but coming along.

Very nice work man! Is this the first time you sketch up your idea before doing it? I like it! From 2D to 3D. Can’t wait to see it finished

Have used GP before but not like this where I have designed a scene then modeled in the same scene.

Did a bit more yesterday. Slowly shaping up.

Looking great eladd! Like the trees and coconuts :smiley: Imma chill on the longchair

What I submitted in the end.

Looks great man! Love the style of this and the floating island :slight_smile: Also really like the glare and haze for the moon and sun!