WIP MC "Favourite Insect" Process Example

So you are new to Blender and want to create a new project but dont know what todo?

You have just finished a course and have all this amazing knowledge spinning around in your head!!

With Blendermania3Ds Weekly and Monthly contests we provide the theme and all we need is your submission!

With this months theme “Favourite Insect” where do you begin?
As you have a Month, you have plenty of time (you know you wont) so start now by first deciding what todo.

Write a list of insects you think you can create

  • Ant :ant:
  • Spider :spider:
  • Bumblebee :honeybee:
  • Beetle :beetle:

Write yourself a description of what your scene will be.

If you find coming up with ideas difficult, use AI like Chatgpt to brainstorm for you.

Now you have an idea you should decide on your artstyle and your modelling method:

  • lowpoly or highpoly
  • model or sculpt
  • cartoon or realstic

So many decisions but the choice is yours…

If you think you have a clear idea then you could start modelling but it is generally good practice to sit on your design, think about it for a couple of days before beginning.

(If the urge is so overwhelming, jump right in)

The final step in the process for you is to create yourself a mood board using a program called Pureref (its free).
It allows you to drag and drop images into the program and build up references for your scene.

This helps with your art direction, choices and overall mood, hinting at greatness :raised_hands:

So you have a insect? :+1:
You have a theme? :+1: :ok_hand:
You have a modelling technic? :+1: :ok_hand: :+1:
You have a mood board! :blush: :+1: :ok_hand:

Then go be creative!!! :art: :framed_picture: :performing_arts:

From here we will follow with examples of the process.
Happy Blending :doughnut:

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After seeing Blendermania’s Monthly competition “Favourite Insect” you have been thinking about what you will create! If maybe you have already jumped right in and begun creating your entree, then kudos to you! We look forward to your submissions with anticipation!!! :tada:

If you have had a busy week like me and real life has just gotten in the way. Other than thinking about what you will create, you have not done a single thing! and hey, we have month right!!

What have I been thinking about. Why the insects of course!
I think could create one of the following:

  • Preymantis - something about those arms and the shape of there head! Vicious!
  • Jumping Spider - We all have spiders around the world but here in NZ we have these small jumping spiders, some even call them “cute”!
  • Dragonfly - Something about those wings that just make them look so cool (and I watched Dune recently, did that inspire you?)

These insects are literal themes bases on the “Favorite Insect” theme. What if we want to think outside the box? Come up with a theme that’s unique but technically fits the theme?

Here I like to take a leaf out of my HOP (hour of power) portfolio and think of something different. If you can create something that fits the theme that is unique and different, then it may appeal more voters!

The alternative idea I came up with is:

  • “Favourite Insect repellent” which is typically a spray or wall device but I have a different idea.

The idea I have is based from an ad I saw many years ago where the Fly Spray can turns into a Turret with Twin Gatling Guns! This would be a cool theme to make.

Having decided on and insect, what will I create?
1 - The jumping spider and/or

2 - The Gattling Gun fly repellent (no one likes flys, do they?!)

Why both of course.
Scene 1 - spider come out of hiding from the inside of the door in vehicle, nice macro shot.
Scene 2 - Gattling Gun spray can targeting a squadron of incoming flys!

We have and insect and a theme.
From here we begin getting references and creating a mood board.

Let the google and pinterest searching begin!

You can download pureref from https://www.pureref.com/