WIP Food

Just been playing around with my Food entry.

The lighting just not right. Any Suggestions?

I am terrible with evee. My thought would be the green background and the hat&keys color is too similar. Try to add some contrast somewhere. Maybe a red rim light or something.

haha this is amazing. Nice. For lighting try adding an HDRI for lighting

Will try changing the fill light to a different color. Good suggestion. I am trying something different with Volumetrics and using evee for a change.

Had thought to try HDR but hadn’t got around to trying it yet. Maybe tonight :wink:

I’ll post a screenshot of whats in my World nodes later. Based on the scene being simplistic I think I will just keep it simple.

I think I maybe starting to overcomplicate things again.

It has a 3 point light setup but the volumetrics is making it look wierd.