WIP Ancient Civilization Challenge

For many years I have had an interest in modelling Machu Pichu, the ancient city in Peru. I have gained years of references and on occasions attempted to model it in various engines with limited success.

So with this latest challenge I am going to try and create Machu Pichu again! and use some of the tools I have purchased but still havent really mastered. It should help speed up the workflow. The scale is quite large.

Initially for the blockout I am using QuickShape. With this I can easily create ground geometry by just drawing with my screen tablet.Then I just move the blocks up and down depending on the elevation required. I can use proportional editing to easier elevation transition.

So far it is working out pretty good I think. Here is a quick progress pick.

I chewed of more than I can chew…will still finish but have changed location :smiley:


What you have done looks very, very good. If I had done it I would consider it a resounding success. But I understand, there’s so much to learn.

I need to keep going with this. It one of those projects that I always wanted todo but I want to do the site justice!

I have done more than what I posted here. I must post some updates.