Windshear project

So about a month ago I reached out to a blacksmith I had been following on tiktok for a while about a novel he is writing. I offered my services to bring his world to life, and Windshear (the capitol) is the first task. Had some other things to get done before I started it, but now that I haveI figured I’d share the progress. Today, I started experimenting with houses for the city. He said he wanted a nordic, whiterun(Skyrim), and edoras(lotr) influence on the city, so that’s my goal with what I make. Here’s a look at the first house and the walls/tower

Have a few more house designs. Gonna start on a few mead hall designs now, then a few more houses lol

Have a couple of mead hall designs down. Gonna go for a few more, then several more houses and try to get some city design done

Okay, All those houses I’ve made so far can be scrapped. Doing individual houses from scratch takes too long and is unmanageable. Instead, I’ve restarted with a modular approach. Here are the pieces I have so far. Time to test some house designs!