When using Blender as a video editor what about frame rate?

Hi. I just have a question about using Blender as a basic video editor. I want to edit some ballet class videos that I downloaded to make the videos shorter and to combine some favorite steps into the video for an easier workout experience.

Since this is not an animation video do I have to set the frame rate? And how do I know the frame rate of any video? Will Blender just know somehow? (Blender magic!)



Awesome! Yes you would have to set the frame rate or FPS as when you render it out if it’s not the same it will not sync properly. To see the frame rate of a video just right click the video on your computer and go to properties and under details you will see the frame rate of the video :slight_smile:

Hello, reply to this when you get back. I have done couple projects in the video editor. I can give you some tips