Weird thing with vertices glowing is there a bug?

Using 2.93.9 Am not a fan of 3.0
I have a few different versions of Blender and I thought they were all playing nicely. Not sure. I only use one at a time. I really like 2.8 and 2.9 the earlier the better and there are some tutorials that I need to do that use 2.8 I use Blender for art and I don’t think I need a lot of the stuff in the newer versions.
I was doing a pumpkin modeling tutorial by Ryan King and got up to 7:51 I am making the pumpkin to do the Texture Painting for Beginners tutorial of his that uses this pumpkin.
I noticed this weird thing that when I click on a vertice to shape the pumpkin that other vertices suddenly start glowing and blinking no matter if the proportional thing is on or not. Is this file corrupt and I need to start over or is it not good to have so many different Blender editions and this is the problem?
prk.blend (859.7 KB)

I noticed in the video that there is a yellow circle representing the mouse and that is NOT on the screen. I don’t know what that is or why it is there.

It always worked before having different Blender versions. They are all in their own folders.
The only other thing that happened is that I did a Christmas Balls tutorial by Ryan King Art in 3.0 and I wasn’t happy with the render or how there were differences in settings and stuff. The tutorial is in some other version. So I tried opening the file in Blender 2.9 and got an error message saying some of the settings wouldn’t work.

Did this do something to my 2.9?

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Nevermind. I guess no one knows or not enough people are on this site to view this thread.
I did seem to solve the problem by applying the modifiers.

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