Weird behaviour in mesh of object

Hi all,

I just started getting into Modeling for Characters and tried doing one myself for the first time.
So far so good. Started from the legs then to the upper chest and neck. Everything went pretty fine until here…
When I started modeling Shoulders and Arms the mesh started to behave weirdly in the viewport.
I read online a few weeks ago that its related to some inconsistencies within the mesh or something and began to quickly lose interest in this project of mine.

Does anybody know what I did wrong or how I can stop it from behaving like this?


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Hey Woodchopper. I think the issue is flipped normals. Go into edit mode and select everything with the A key. Then hit alt+N and recalculate outside and should fix it. Let me know!


AAAA you saved my day/evening!
Much Love from Germany :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


haha anytime! Just post on the site if you have any other issues!