Weekly Wizard

Well figured I would post some of what I have done for the weekly. Still planning on a few more objects in the scene then adding a grunge look to everything. But hopefully I can get to it and actually get an entry done. This is only 32 samples an denoised.

Few arrangement adjustments and some little details/things added. Almost ready to mess it all up. Don’t think “The Scarlet Wizard” is going to like me.

Wow, looks like Steve is making an epic comeback and will blow everyone outta the water ?

WOW! Steve this is so cool! ANd good to see you jumping into a challenge! :slight_smile: Like the feather and vials. Super cool

LOL wouldn’t call it that. But just figured I would do something since it has been forever and a day since I have done much of anything.

Thanks, hopefully I will get everything done I want to it in time.

Started webbing, just call me spiderbanana :stuck_out_tongue: this is probably the last WiP update till final.