Weekly Contest Progression

So…I decided to make an ocarina for my “Magical” contest.

Here is where I am at right now

I have been replaying Ocarina of time on my 3DS

Great game.

very nice job!! :slight_smile:

Had to google this. Did not know what an Ocarina was…but now that I have seen and heard, it does sound magical! Basically it a flute with a difference.

haha great idea :stuck_out_tongue: Zelda flashbacks

So…This is where I am at with the Ocarina. I made it a wooden material rather than the purple plastic one from the game. I am trying to go for realism. I still have more work to do. SO FAR this is where I am.

i like where you are going with it… love the concept of it being in the grass… and i like the idea of it being wooden