Weekly Challenge #96 "Door"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Door”

Starts 1/2/2022 and ends 1/8/22 Midnight PST

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Happy new year 2022… Guys (^_^)

Going a bit metaphysical here…

Buddhism: A door to the soul :slight_smile:

Was messing around with Python and got this interesting mosaic effect as a surprise. It’s approx. 2,000 cubes moving around in 3D space, but observed in orthogonal mode it becomes a picture. The mosaic effect is due to the varying distances of the cubes, only noticed this after an actual render hahaha…

If I place all the cubes in the same plane, the picture becomes flat without mosaic effect, but I do believe the mosaic effect actually makes it way more interesting. The tricky part was adding all the UV-maps in Python, but once you get that in place, it becomes a lot of good fun.

Anyway, everything is relative, as is the meaning and interpretation of words, like “door” - one hopes hahaha…

haha this is awesome AB! Nicely done! which one do you want in the voting? I personally like the first image

haha awesome interpretation of the theme Marcat! Like the animation too :slight_smile:

What an odd dimension. Behind every doors, there’s a story, a universe, which one will you choose ?

I thought about doing more doors, but I thought that I should stop there or I’ll hate doors x)

haha this awesome Ark! Love the concept. So many to choose from :stuck_out_tongue: and yeah dont want to start hating doors lol

Here is something alittle different.

For the Door chalenge, would a sort of portal be allowed?

I would say yes, portal is a door. So go for it ?

and…it all in the interpretation, like ‘Doora The Explora ;-D’

My first challenge submission! Hope you like it, a bit of a spin on the door concept.

Just a question, the figure on the wall isn’t a shadow, it the light. How did you do that with the trails on the ground? Looks like the shadow and the light switched. Also looks cool.

In simple terms.

I used the shape of the HULK to bollean a hole in the wall.

Set the sun angle and rotation to cast the light on the opposite wall.

To get the streaks I added a CUBE with Principal Volume and adjusted until I got the desired result.

Do you understand what that all means?

Yes I get it. Really clever

My first challenge submission - traveling through a portal.

YouTube video link since it’s an animation:

That is awesome Steve! Nicely done