Weekly Challenge #90 "Wheels"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Wheels”

Starts 11/21/2021 and ends 11/27/21 Midnight PST

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Oh No, I must have misread, I thought it was Wheel Material. Anyways here’s a simple wheel material

This is super cool and hypnotizing! :slight_smile:


Wheel 3d, Only a Cube and 2 Lights Added over the other Material. Eevee render, Cycles would have taken a lot of time.

Here’s My final version, fixed the clouds. Use this for the voting Alex. And I have added the scene itself too.

Show off.

This little guy (named Hack) is showing off his wheel, albeit quite a modern version of it ?. Reboot used to be one of my favorite series when I was a wee bit younger, so decided to model him myself of a small plastic figurine. Next in line is Dr Snuggles, but so far I have not been able to source an affordable plastic figurine to use as source material.


:wheel_of_dharma: Wheels 22

haha very nice man!

oh this is super cool MarCat! Well done!

LEGOS! Love it Po!

Hahahaha… awesome - a V8 (although it could be a V14 too). You can’t have enough wheels on your LEGO models :slight_smile:

Thanks! When you ran out of idea, instead of let it go, Lego it ?

It definitely still need more wheels, lol!