Weekly Challenge #55

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Theme: “Original Spaceship

Starts 3/15/2021 and ends 3/20/21 Midnight PST

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Is this even possible?

a spaceship, why not lol

maybe because they’ve been done to death for nearly a century now and are all so same-y looking it’s nearly impossible to make an original one. maybe. or maybe there’s only so much you can do with the design before it becomes a cartoon that breaks physics lol

You should look at it more as a “Make your own spaceship not based on a franchise or other artists” and less as an “Original Spaceship”

well, that’s what I meant obviously since being completely original is impossible lol.

Yes I might give it a go…

Original Spaceship is in the making. Question is, would you actually ever want to travel in it?

Why is this even a disscussion? lol I think you are absolutely wrong. So if I take the top of the enterprise and cut it in half, stick it on the front half of the babylon 5 ship , meld it together with some glue and add a cannon on top and some wings change the textrures , you sayin that not original? If it wasn’t intended that way, then technically its original. Star wars creators used the same ideas from model kits to create unique ships. its old school called kitbashing, you can do the same thing and yes it would be original. no one is asking for you to draw up schematics and engineer the ship. Just create a ship that isnt someone elses that was made already. To be clear just incase there is confusion from what I said,the process is kitbashing, but no one is allowed to use kitbashing packs for the modeling of said spaceship

I’d say “Oh looks it’s the top of the enterprise cut in half, stuck on the front half of babylon 5 ship, meld together with some glue and a cannon has been added on top and wings and textures have been changed”
and then wait and see how high I can get your blood pressure :slight_smile: ?

Oh lordy lol

So I thought, being a ‘Kiwi’ (NZ slang nickname for New Zealanders) I would make a ship based on our nickname the ‘KIWI’ (a bird with no wings, landbound, comes out only at night) The perfect euphemism for a spaceship!.

Here is the KiwiExpress!

It’s called the ‘SPIRIT SHIP’ .

As proof of this being original is my math.

I drew my spaceship’s blueprint on graph paper.

this is the proof

Very nice Desing.

Very nice Scene.

An original spaceship. My Idea on this space ship was for it to have an organic feel to it.

Everyone’s always going on about flying saucers but you don’t really hear a lot about flying cups and saucers.

Creative? Not really

Original? A bit (only 3-4 similar images on Google)

Stupid joke? Absolutely

Worth it? 100%

So much YES! Love the stupid joke and absolutely worth it!!

Squidship! Very fun, the animation makes it perfect!!